One Stop Services Provided


Quality Equipment

Oasis Infrastructure's heavy lifting fleet includes state-of-the-art equipment, curated specifically for critical job lift desired by our client and produced to match our clients’ demands. Our fleet is spread out across India , and our equipment is ready to deploy anywhere in the country. This dedication to quality provides clients in every industry considerable peace of mind, knowing that their project's critical path will be secured by well-maintained, contemporary, and specialized equipment.


Experienced Operators

The supervisors and equipment operators of Oasis Infrastructure deliver professionalism to every project, big or little. Our experts adhere to the highest quality and safety requirements and are widely regarded as the finest in their area. Our staff has a thorough grasp of operating systems and have various sorts of site's experience since we serve such a diverse range of sectors, including petrochemical, energy, mining, offshore, nuclear, stadium, monuments, high-speed rail, bridges, dams, metro, etc. Recognizing the significance of uptime, turnaround speed, and time to market across industries, our operators' insight frequently improves efficiency while always ensuring safety. If you want engineering advice in addition to equipment rental and personnel hire, Oasis Infrastructure can help you optimize your project by providing those services as well.