Oasis Infrastructure Private Limited,

Is one of the leading heavy construction equipment rental service provider companies in India. It was incorporated on the 15th January 2003. Our main objective is to be one stop service provider for all those equipment needed to successfully implement various construction projects including Logistic Management. The company has made an appreciable growth within a short span of time under the leadership of Mr. Premal Thaker - The Managing Director. With the addition of Mr. Om Thaker as a Director, the organization's success accelerated to new heights.

We offer an entire gamut of equipment ranging from Telescopic and Crawler cranes, Piling Rigs, Boomlifts and Trailers along with all ancillary equipment required for smooth operations. All of this, provided round the clock throughout the year. Our forte is to provide the specialized new equipment with state of art technology benefiting the client in performing their contractual requirements in virtually every sector of Indian industry.

The company boasts of a humongous workshop in Panvel where all the equipment are regularly serviced and maintained in order to reduce or eliminate any down time and ensure smooth and efficient functioning.


This business isn't only about SIZE. It's about time to Market and Efficiency.


We aim at providing nonpareil equipment hiring services globally. We measure our success in terms of our client's growth. Our primary objective is to excel each day in delivering the state of art equipment rental services.


Contribute to Nation Building projects by deploying high-quality equipment that improves the economy of the country.

Our Philosophy

People, the environment, and our performance are all important to us. Our primary focus is safety; we want everyone to get home safely after a day's work. We treat people fairly, operate with honesty, offer clear feedback, and acknowledge accomplishments. We give back to our communities. It's all about the outcomes.


Nation Building Projects

Oasis Infrastructure appreciates working on Nation Building Projects. It helps the economy and enhances quality of life as cities grow and lifestyles evolve. Due to their tight budgets and strict timelines, which contain built-in delay mechanisms, these projects must be closely monitored and optimised. More complications arise as a result of the fact that road, rail, and bridge repair projects are usually carried out in congested areas with complex demands that must be met with little disruption to the surrounding people and businesses. With Oasis Infrastructure's expertise in the safe, on-time delivery and installation of large and heavy components and structures, you can effectively manage these issues. Our heavy lifting and transportation professionals add their distinct technological ideas and logistical skills to the design of safe, efficient and cost effective civil projects.